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This is a FrontPage Template in fixed width format, 760 pixels wide, centered.  In order to use this design for your own web, you will need to open FrontPage and select:

FP2000: File, New, Web - then select the twc-xxx Template Theme from the popup listing.

FP2002: File, New, Page or Web, New from Template - Web Template - then select the twc-xxx Template Theme from the popup listing.


> Text Boxes
This is a text box, used to draw attention to items of interest.  To duplicate a text box, place your cursor within the box and select Table, Select Table.  Copy; then paste to the desired new location.

What you Get

After you've followed the above steps, you will have an exact duplicate of the web you are previewing here, and you will simply replace our information with your information, rename the pages for button/banner purposes, and add or delete pages as needed.




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